Theodore Roosevelt

Kate Archer Kent

Dozens of political scientists will converge this week for a three-day presidential conference at LSU Shreveport. It dates back to 1989 and it’s held every three years. This one will focus on Theodore Roosevelt and Franklin D. Roosevelt.

LSUS political science professor Bill Pederson is the organizer. When he started it, he recalls, administrators and peers doubted that people would come to Shreveport for a national conference on the lives of presidents.

Dr. Gary Joiner / Dr. Gary Joiner

Commentator Gary Joiner asks listeners a question he gets a lot: Who are your five favorite presidents and how do you rank them? The answer may change over time.

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Gary Borders / Gary Borders

Commentator Gary Borders recalls the first time he saw the world in focus. A half century ago, he became a fixture in the four-eyes club and has long appreciated his bespectacled existence.