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Cyber Day is Friday, September 30, 2016.

Cyber Day is Friday, September 30, 2016. Everyone who makes a contribution before midnight, Friday, September 30, will be entered into our Cyber Day Drawing for a Smart Watch from the Steel Collection, by Olio Devices, a smart watch company based in San Francisco. This beautiful Smart Watch is generously provided by Schnack’s Fine Jewelry in Alexandria, La. Please help us maintain all the great programs we all listen to and love by DONATING NOW to Red River Radio. Drawing Rules A timeless classic in handcrafted, cold-forged stainless steel. The custom face beautifully complements the hardware. Goes from light blue morning sky by day to deep indigo evening at night. The Steel Collection features a custom watch face designed to complement its hardware. This watch face visualizes your notifications from the last 12 hours. Every 12 minutes, a new pattern is created based on the messages, calls, and social notifications you have received. It is always changing and unique to you. See the next 12 hours of your schedule integrated into your watch face. This is perfect for figuring out at a glance if you're busy or free. The forecast for the next 12 hours broken into 3-hour-sections to enable you to easily prepare for your day. Easily set a silent alarm without using your phone. When your alarm goes off you will be notified with a gentle tap. Set a silent timer that stays with you. When your timer goes off you will be notified with a gentle tap.
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Red River Radio Local Newscast

Courtesy: Shreveport MPC

Shreveport-Caddo Public Hearing on Unified Development Code

SHREVEPORT-CADDO UNIFIED DEVELOPMENT CODE PUBLIC HEARINGS: The highly anticipated new Unified Development Code (UDC) is set for public hearing September 29th at 6pm at the Goverment Plaza in downtown Shreveport. The UDC is one of the primary tools for implementing the goals and vision of the "Great Expectations Shreveport-Caddo 2030 Master Plan" that was approved by the City and Parish in 2010. The plan is to improve the quality of life and encourage redevelopment of the downtown area and...
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US National Institute on Aging, Alzheimer's Disease Education and Referral Center / This image is in the public domain because it contains materials that originally came from the National Institutes of Health.

Health Matters: Alzheimer

Airs Thursday, September 29, at 6 p.m. Tune in for Health Matters: Mental Health Edition this evening at 6 p.m. Neurosurgeon Dr. Anil Nanda, with University Neurosurgery, and Debbie Hayes, Alzheimer’s Association North Louisiana Associate Director will join psychologists Dr. Mark Vigen and Shelley Visconte to discuss Alzheimer’s. Questions will be taken at 1-800-552-8502.
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Red River Radio Spotlight: The Rise and Rise of Daniel Rocket

Aired Tuesday, September 27, at 12 noon. Bill Beckett spoke with director Logan Sledge along with Aiden Polling and Tessa Anderson who will be featured in a new production of The Rise and Rise of Daniel Rocket, a play by Peter Parnell, which opens this Thursday night, September 29, at 7:30 p.m. There are also performances this Friday and Saturday, at 7:30 p.m., and this Sunday at 2 p.m. For ticket visit the Marjorie Lyons Playhouse online or call the box office at 318–869-5242.
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Alphonse Lévy lived 1843-1918, so the copyright is expired in the US / This work is in the public domain

The Jewish New Year: Music and Inspirational Teachings from the Kabbalah

Airs Thursday, September 29, at 1 p.m. Music and teachings from the Jewish mystical tradition on the High Holy Days. Each year, on the evening of the new moon, the beginning of the month of Tishrei in the Jewish lunar calendar, Jewish people around the world begin a period of prayer and self-examination that ends, ten days later, with a twenty-four hour fast. These are the High Holy Days, beginning with Rosh Hashanah, the Jewish New Year, and ending with Yom Kippur, the day of atonement....
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Press Image / Shreveport House Concert Series

Shreveport House Concert Series: Hendrix & Maines

Cultural, Community, Information

Press Image / The Luce Group and KPVU-FM

Caravan: Texas Jazz & Blues Greats

Airs Friday, September 30, at 9 p.m. Texas Jazz & Blues Greats is hosted by jazz pianist and composer Jason Moran, a Texas native himself. Moran was recently tapped to be the Creative Director at the Kennedy Center for Performing Arts after the passing of Dr. Billy Taylor, and was the recipient of the 2010 MacArthur Fellowship. A student of the blues, Jason’s virtuoso performances marries classical, blues, and jazz with the musical influences of his generation including funk, hip-hop, and...
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Vice Presidential Debate at Longwood University in Farmville, Virginia.

Airs Tuesday, October 4, at 8 p.m. NPR News will provide live, anchored special coverage and analysis of the Vice Presidential Debate at Longwood University in Farmville, Virginia. The debate will be moderated by CBS’ Elaine Quijano. All Things Considered host Robert Siegel will anchor the debate Special Coverage. _
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Press Image / Ashley Mace Havird

Red River Radio Spotlight: "Lightningstruck" by Ashley Mace Havird

Aired Monday, September 26, at 12 noon. Bill Beckett spoke with Ashley Mace Havird about the release of her first novel called Lightningstruck out now in book stores. She will be holding a book signing and reading coming up at the Broadmoor branch of Shreve Memorial Library on October 3, from 6 to 7:30 p.m. Oct. 3. More info about Ashley and her works is available at her website www.ashleymacehavird.com.
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One week after a House panel highlighted sexual harassment claims at Yosemite National Park and elsewhere in the National Park Service, the superintendent of Yosemite, Don Neubacher is stepping down, the agency says.

According to NPS regional spokesman Andrew Munoz, the agency "acted to move Don Neubacher from his role" leading the park to protect the integrity of its investigation into allegations of a hostile work environment at Yosemite.

A new study highlights differences between the races as they view the recent spate of deadly encounters between blacks and law enforcement.

Water containing low-level radiation and other pollutants has poured into Florida's primary drinking water aquifer through a gaping sinkhole 45 feet wide.

It happened at a plant owned by fertilizer giant Mosaic in central Florida's rural Polk County, Robin Sussingham of member station WUSF reports.

It's been nearly eight months since Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia died unexpectedly, leaving the nation's highest court short-handed, and evenly divided on some of the most important legal issues of the day.

While Democrats had expected to exploit GOP stonewalling on a replacement, Republicans have played the issue shrewdly.

Copyright 2016 NPR. To see more, visit http://www.npr.org/.

Copyright 2016 NPR. To see more, visit http://www.npr.org/.

Copyright 2016 NPR. To see more, visit http://www.npr.org/.

Copyright 2016 NPR. To see more, visit http://www.npr.org/.

On Wednesday evening, the city of Reykjavik, Iceland, turned off street lights and encouraged people to darken their homes so that everyone could watch the northern lights.

The city council released a statement saying street lights would be turned off in multiple sections of the city between 10 p.m. and 11 p.m. local time and warning people to drive carefully.

The Supreme Court has decided to hear a case that might decide whether the government can deny Washington's NFL team a trademark because it has deemed the team name is offensive.

The court granted certiorari on Lee V. Tam. If you remember, The Slants, an Asian-American rock band, sued the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office because it refused to trademark their name saying it proved offensive.


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Young Artists Competition 2016

Red River Radio announces our Seventh Annual Young Artists Competition, open to instrumentalists and vocalists ages 18 and under in Arkansas, Louisiana, and Texas. Winners will be chosen from entries for participation in a live radio broadcast on Sunday, October 9, 2016, at 3 p.m., to be held in the Red River Radio performance hall.
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César de Nostredame (1553-1630?) / This work is in the public domain in its country of origin and other countries and areas where the copyright term is the author's life plus 100 years or less.

Shadow Files: The mystery of Michel de Nostredame, AKA Nostradamus.

Airs Thursday, September 29, at 7:45 a.m. Commentator Dr. Cheryl White explores the history and mysteries of Michel de Nostredame, AKA Nostradamus.
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U.S. Air Force / Public domain This image or file is a work of a U.S. Air Force Airman or employee, taken or made as part of that person's official duties. As a work of the U.S. federal government, the image or file is in the public domain in the United States.

History Matters: S.A.C. Turns 70

From The Top Coming to the Belcher Center

From The Top at the Belcher Center on Longview

From The Top will be coming to LeTourneau University's Belcher Center on March 25, 2017 and we encourage all of our area's music students to apply for the program. From the Top is America’s largest national platform dedicated to celebrating the stories, talents, and character of classically-trained young musicians. Great kids. Great music. Hope for the future.
To learn more about From the Top and how to apply visit their web site here. From The Top.
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A Prairie Home Companion

A Note From Chris Thile Fellow Public Radio Lovers, First of all, thanks for reading this. Starting a conversation with you is one of the most exciting parts of what I’m finding to be a roundly exciting endeavor. Here’s a little too much about me: I grew up in Southern California and Western Kentucky (we moved when I was 14), the eldest of three boys. My folks were and are devoted public radio fans, who started listening to A Prairie Home Companion in the 1980s; Garrison and Co. were the...
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CarTalk Vehicle Donation Program

CarTalk Vehicle Donation Program

WelcomeThe Car Talk Vehicle Donation Program provides Vehicle Donation Services to Public Radio stations across the country. This is a great way to support this station and get a tax write off for your car. Contact the CarTalk Vehicle Donation program directly via the web or call for more information: (866) 789-8627
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Protect My Public Media

Protect My Public Media is a collaboration of local public radio and television stations, national distributors, producers, viewers, listeners and others who support a strong public media in the Unite