Space Shuttle Columbia

Monday will mark 13 years since Space Shuttle Columbia broke apart over East Texas. A remembrance is planned in Hemphill, Texas.

Commentator Gary Borders can’t quell his fascination with NASA and the space shuttle program. It’s a passion that grew out of boyhood experiences.

Peter Hoheisel

Ten years after the Space Shuttle Columbia broke apart over East Texas, many communities are hosting exhibits and memorial services. NASA is holding a public memorial service at Kennedy Space Center in Florida. On the fateful morning in 2003, NASA’s James Hartsfield narrated the scene.

Andrew Brosig

Commentator Gary Borders recalls the fateful day when the Space Shuttle Columbia rained down over East Texas.

Events marking the 10th anniversary of the Space Shuttle Columbia disaster are being held across East Texas. Three days of events are under way in Hemphill, Texas. Belinda Gay, president of the Sabine County Columbia Memorial Committee, said Columbia is part of the fabric of her life. She was a volunteer searcher for wreckage and a meal coordinator for thousands of recovery workers who descended on her town. She said the Columbia disaster brought the space program into focus for her.