Nacogdoches Farmers Market

A tiny farm in Bulah, Texas – that’s near Rusk – is slowly expanding its presence at the Nacogdoches Farmers Market. The owners of Bulah’s Best aim to develop an agri-tourism program on the remote farm that is out of cell phone range. Seattle native Thomas Holguin and his wife, Donna, have nine goats and two cows. They produce milk, cheese and butter for market each week. Tomas Holguin is taking a year off as a Spanish teacher to work on the farm.

A former chicken farm in Mount Enterprise, Texas, is now harvesting more than 300,000 pounds of tilapia each year. The freshwater, tropical fish is raised in large tanks inside modified chicken houses. Jim Reed, owner of East Texas Tilapia, sells the tilapia at the Nacogdoches farmers' market and to local restaurants. He also trucks live tilapia to supermarkets in Dallas and Austin, and is eyeing an expansion to take over more shuttered chicken houses.