Mount Pleasant Daily Tribune

Gary Borders

For 13 months I have commuted from Longview to Mount Pleasant to publish the Daily Tribune. This small newspaper was on the verge of shutting down before it was purchased by the company that hired me to reverse its fortunes. I enjoyed the challenge, which was considerable: turning around the paper financially and editorially, hiring an entire staff, moving the office downtown. I get weary just thinking about all we did in a short time.

Gary Borders

High school football continues, which means tonight I will again pace the sidelines, trying to get an action shot in focus while not getting creamed by a player knocked out of bounds.

Before this season commenced, the last time I shot football we photographers still used film instead of digital. That was 26 years ago. Time flies.

Commentator Gary Borders has been editor and publisher of many newspapers in the past and this week he tells of a new adventure.