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LSU AgCenter plant pathologist Melanie Lewis Ivey is conducting research on cantaloupe and mimicking a flood to find out whether foodborne pathogens and other harmful contaminants survive on the fruit rind. Ivey planted about an acre of the test crop a week ago. It’s the second growing season for her study.

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Louisiana’s cropland has been annihilated by the floods. The LSU AgCenter says the recently planted corn crop appears to be the biggest agricultural loss.

LSU AgCenter

The head of the LSU AgCenter discussed looming budget cuts with members of the Louisiana Forestry Association this week.

Agriculture is the No. 1 industry in the Bayou State. But according to LSU AgCenter’s vice president for agriculture Bill Richardson his agency is running into tough times.

He told the executive committee of the Louisiana Forestry Association Tuesday that one research station has closed and three more are under review.


A food system expert who helps communities improve access to locally-grown food has completed a market study of the Ark-La-Tex.

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A federal rule that revises which bodies of water are subject to the Clean Water Act will take effect Aug. 28. Some Louisiana farmers are concerned that the new Clean Water Rule is overreaching.

The biggest change is the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency is defining ditches, according to LSU Ag Center water policy economist Naveen Adusumilli. Any ditch that is part of a tributary or connected to a previously jurisdictional waterway would now have to be in compliance with the Clean Water Act.