I decided to add “You Are My Sunshine” to the repertoire of songs I can mangle on the guitar. So I found it with the OnSong app, uploaded and opened it. Most everybody knows the chorus to this tune, popularly believed to have been written by Jimmie Davis, who rode his fame singing that song all the way to the Louisiana governor’s mansion in 1944. Term limits kept him from running for re-election, but a decade or so later, Davis reprised the song and won another four-year term as governor.

Commentator Gary Joiner delves deeper into the history of the attack on Pearl Harbor, 74 years ago this week.

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The earnest young man at the admissions office of the University of Mississippi — Ole Miss — explained the origin of the town’s name. Oxford, named after the British university, was created in 1837 in order to persuade the Legislature to fund building a public university there. The boosters hoped the name would help. It took 11 years, but in 1848, Ole Miss accepted its first students. Today, Oxford remains a small town of roughly 21,000 residents. Ole Miss is modest in size as well, with about 18,000 students.

Flu shot promotional signage is everywhere these days -- reminders on the doors of big box stores and flashed across drugstore digital signs. Commentator Gary Joiner says the 1918 influenza outbreak was one of the deadliest disasters in human history. Estimates are it wiped out between 50 and 100 million people worldwide.

Gary Borders

I bought a new guitar four months ago. It’s my second resonator, with the shiny cone, the kind made famous in Paul Simon’s “Graceland.”