A local school district recently hosted a donkey basketball game. Teachers rode on donkeys and competed against their students. I am a former donkey basketball player but have long hung up my riding sneakers. I was roped into doing this while running the San Augustine paper, despite my lack of qualifications to either play or ride a donkey successfully. The company provided both helmets and the animals, which were much better trained than their riders.

This week commentator Brian O'Nuanain has a new job in education and gives us an inside look at his class at Camp Minden. 

Commentator Gary Joiner reflects on why history does matter.

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Drones make the news quite often lately, both for the large unmanned versions used to launch stealth attacks in places like Afghanistan, and the much smaller ones used for a variety of non-lethal purposes: photography, tracking cattle in desolate places, or trying to catch drug traffickers. The Federal Aviation Administration recently outlined its proposed new rules in what has been a largely unregulated area, such as keeping drones within sight of the operator, no higher than 500 feet or faster than 100 mph. This is likely going to scotch Amazon’s plans to use drones to deliver packages.

This week commentator Brian O'Nuanain ponders reality from one perspective...and wonders how others might view the same set of events.