Gary Borders

Autumn took its sweet time getting here. That did not stop me from making a pilgrimage to procure a load of firewood from my brother-in-law’s farm near Jefferson. Besides, I needed to get some lumber for a future woodworking project with a friend. That is where it is stored, inside a rustic horse stable. 

Commentator Gary Joiner explores the long history of dogs groomed for military service around the world.

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Gary Borders

In the Great Hall of the LBJ library, a 10-story structure on the east side of the University of Texas campus, four floors of glass walls dominate. Encased in those four floors, in red file boxes with a gold presidential seal, are the papers of Lyndon Baines Johnson. 

Commentator Gary Joiner explains the timing of Veterans Day, and why the date of the holiday on Nov. 11 holds great significance.

Abbie Teel and Gary Borders

Our daughter Abbie bought a selfie stick a few months ago. This allows her to take self-portraits from an extended reach using dramatic angles, since the stick telescopes out several feet. Her iPhone is locked into a frame with a cable leading to a button on the handle. She photographed her entire senior class of a dozen or so students with the device, which cost her $7 or so at Walmart. It’s a compelling image.