Gary Borders

A flood of memories returned as I participated in the Martin Luther King, Jr. march in Longview. It took about 20 minutes for a few hundred folks to stroll and sing “We Shall Overcome,” from Broughton Recreation Center to Mt. Olive Baptist Church for the service. We walked down MLK Boulevard, of course.

Commentator Gary Joiner traces immigration to the U.S., and areas of Louisiana, beginning in the 1500s.

We ran the black walnut through the planer in the vacant parking lot of the nonprofit where I work. School was out, so the elementary campus across the street was empty. The likelihood of receiving a noise complaint was considerably less than if we planed in my backyard, as I did a few years ago. That was a mistake. From now on, I find a spot away from civilization.

Saunders Museum

Commentator Gary Joiner visited the Saunders Museum in Berryville, Arkansas as a 4-year-old and it made a powerful impression on him. Revisiting the museum as an adult unlocked childhood memories.

Da Mimmo is a family-owned restaurant in Baltimore’s Little Italy, about eight square blocks packed with restaurants. My lunch partner chose it and ranks it at the top of Little Italy’s cuisine.