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SCAM PHONE CALLS -  So have you ever gotten a phone call from someone who says they’re a law enforcement officer or detective…and they say you need to pay a fine or you’ll go to jail?  This would jolt anybody. But  According to Lt.

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ADDRESSING ISSUES - The Louisiana State Police has had it’s share of controversies the past few month; last March  its Superintendent- Col Mike Edmonson resigned amid investigations into Troopers using state funds for personal side-trips to Las Vegas and a recent La. State Legislative Audit shows the former superintendent allegedly abused his position for personal use.

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STATE EDUCATION CUTS - A  recent  report out finds that Texas is one of 12 states that have made the deepest funding cuts to K-through-12 education over the past decade.  That’s according to the Center for Budget and Policy Priorities which  says Texas has cut general funding per student by 16 percent since the 2007-2008 school year.  Mike Leachman  is  the Center’s director of state fiscal research, he says "All 12 of these states are still providing at least 7 percent less formula aid per student in the current school year than in 2008.