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Airs Sunday, June 3, 2018, at 6 p.m. Following the death this week of Professor Stephen Hawking, Sue Lawley introduces a special programme looking back at some of the extraordinary thinking of one the world’s most influential scientists. The hour long programme is another chance to hear his 2016 BBC Reith Lectures on black holes.

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Airs Sunday, March 25, 2018, at 6 p.m. In the 1970s, historian Sir Brian Harrison embarked on a huge project to record the experiences of women who had participated in the UK suffrage movement in the early part of the 20th century. Now, as Britain celebrates the 100th anniversary of women's suffrage, journalist Jane Garvey hears some of these 205 tapes to understand the women's lives, and the risks and sacrifices they made in their fight for equality.

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Airs Sunday, August 20, 2017, at 6 p.m. Sarah Darwin follows in the footsteps of her great, great grandfather to see how the Galápagos Islands themselves have evolved and changed since he visited in 1835.
     When Charles Darwin first saw the Galápagos Islands he wasn’t impressed - he said that, “nothing could be less inviting than the first appearance”. But later he recognised the unique nature of these islands, which he called, “a little world within itself”. They set him thinking about how animals change …and ultimately inspired his theory of evolution.

Airs Sunday, August 13, 2017, at 6 p.m. August 14, 1947 marked the division of The British-Indian Empire into the two sovereign states of Pakistan and the Union of India. BBC correspondent Mark Tully travels through India to engage a wide range of people and assess the impact of division on the "children of Partition" 70 years on.

Airs Sunday, August 6, 2017, at 6 p.m. Engineering shapes our world, robots will drive our future. Three of the world's greatest roboticists come together for a special event with Razia Iqbal and an audience at the Science Museum in London. The Engineers: Rise of the Robots explores automated cars, mobile science drones and the Mars Rover with Paul Newman, Ayanna Howard and Ashitey Trebi-Ollennu – world-leading roboticists of automated movement.