Armistice Day


Tue November 11, 2014


Tue November 12, 2013

History Matters: On the origin of the holiday honoring veterans

Commentator Gary Joiner has a look back at the holiday honoring veterans on Nov. 11, and how it has changed over time.

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Sun November 10, 2013
The True Glory

The True Glory: The History Behind Veteran's Day

Wall Street on Armistice Day 1918

Airs Sunday, November 10 at 6 p.m. Armistice Day or Veterans Day, whichever you call it, here is a program devoted to an understanding of what it is all about. 17 million men in 8 nations went to the war that was supposed to end all wars. Featuring original and historic material this special remembers those who've fallen and those who've served.