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LOUISIANA JOBS:  The latest state employment figures are out and while Louisiana's jobless rate could be worse, compared with the national average--- the news isn't great.    Louisiana’s  unemployment rate  is  5.7%, compared to  the national average  of  4.3%.   But Louisiana has attracted businesses through various tax incentives.  One of the current projects is the $14-billion Sasol expansion in Westlake, with construction presently 55% complete.  State officials say this project has generated 10,000 direct and indirect jobs but according to news reports...

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Dominating the national news this week is the potential vote on the Senate Republican Healthcare bill as Senate Majority leadership hopes to have a vote before the July 4th holiday break.  Although the Senate has a Republican majority,  there are some Republican Senators who have spoken out that they have reservations about the bill in its current form.  Some Senators feel the bill doesn’t go far enough in repealing the core of Obama-Care,  whereas others have expressed concern that the bill  could negatively impact  healthcare in  their state.

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FLASH FLOOD CONCERNS -Although Tropical Storm Cindy has been downgraded to a Tropical Depression and is weakening,  hazardous weather conditions still remain along with possible flooding in low-lying areas.  The National Weather Service did issue a Tornado Warning earlier this morning as radar indicated tornadic conditions approaching   Campti, Louisiana in Natchitoches parish,  moving east-northeast at 15 mph.  So far no storm damage has been reported and the tornado warning has expired at 7:30am.  The National Weather Service has issued a Flash-Flood Warning for Natchitoc