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SMALL TOWN RAGE - David Hylan and Raydra Hall are Shreveport filmmakers and this week they are in Glasgow, Scotland because their documentary: SMALLTOWN RAGE-Fighting Back in the Deep South was chosen among hundreds of other films to be shown at the Glasgow Film Festival. Their film tells the story of the early days of the AIDS Pandemic and the plight of those living in the South who were afflicted with HIV or AIDS.   They answered some questions for Chuck Smith of Red River Radio News from Scotland.

Courtesy: Friends of the Neches River Wildlife Refuge

  There will be speakers to discuss the history of the refuge and the crawfish and mussells as well as other wildlife on the refuge.  To learn more, call Dr. Von Dawson, president-Friends of the Neches River Wildlife Refuge at: (903) 391-2444 or e-mail at vondawson@hotmail.com 

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TENSIONS RAN HIGH - Angry protesters faced off against Republican U.S. Sen. Bill Cassidy during a town hall meeting yesterday in Metairie. During the roughly one-hour exchange,  the Louisiana Senator repeatedly asked the crowd to let him speak while the audience erupted into shouts during a CNN live televised broadcast.  Many questions focused on Republican plans to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act or on the new Education Secretary Betsy DeVos.

Courtesy: La. State Gov.

With the pieces of the deal approved, the House and Senate adjourned the session seven hours before Wednesday's deadline. The House approved tapping the Rainy Day fund with a 92-6 vote  as part of a deal with the Senate to pass the House Speaker’s bill that will allow dedicated funds   more budget flexibility in the future. Governor Edwards remarked that the compromise kept many of his key priorities for addressing the $304 million state budget deficit.  The regular legislative session convenes  April 10th.