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Courtesy: City of Natchitoches

FESTIVAL OF LIGHTS - The 90th Annual Natchitoches Christmas Festival takes place Saturday, December 3rd in downtown Natchitoches.  The city ushers in the holiday season with a Christmas parade,  live music,  food vendors, festive lighting, fireworks and more.  Samantha Bonnette with the city of Natchitoches explains what visitors can expect to see this year.  http://NatchitochesChristmas.com

Courtesy: U.S. Justice Action Network

JUSTICE REFORM DISCUSSION IN DC - Louisiana Governor John Bel Edwards took part in a bipartisan summit on criminal justice reform in Washington, D.C. Thursday.  The Google Summit on Justice Reform was also sponsored by the Coalition for Public Safety,  and the U.S. Justice Action Network.  Edwards was also in the nation's capitol to help the lobbying efforts to get more flood disaster relief for his state.  

Courtesy: NPR.ORG

COASTAL RESTORATION -  BP, Transocean, and Anadarko have all agreed to pay some $5.3 billion to the Gulf Coast RESTORE Trust Fund.  But not all that money will be available at once and it could take years for everything to be paid.   The Coastal Protection and Restoration Authority heard the news this week.  There are some proposals to get things going but the public is asked to provide input on how the money should be spent.  To learn more,  go to: http://coastal.la.gov/