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Courtesy: Austin Statesman file photo

AUSTIN, Texas (AP and Texas Public Media reports) — Key conservative priorities fizzled yet again as Texas lawmakers abruptly concluded their month-long special legislative session, despite Republicans controlling both chambers and every statewide office.  As reported by Texas Public Media: The state House surprisingly adjourned Tuesday night, more than 24 hours before the session was supposed to end.   Failing were such red-state issues as a "transgender bathroom bill", school vouchers, local property tax restrictions and limits on paycheck deductions for union dues.

Courtesy: Sci-Port Shreveport

SCI-PORT NEW MANAGEMENT – Shreveport’s  Sci-Port Discovery Center , a popular  92,000 square-foot science and entertainment facility  located on the downtown riverfront , has struggled financially over the years.  A recent audit showed the Non-Profit organization had a  $350,000 shortage of donor-imposed restricted cash for the non-profit's fiscal year that ended  June 2016.

Courtesy: Texas Lt. Governor website

AUSTIN, Texas (AP) — The  Texas  Legislature  has adjourned  a day early,  .  The  Senate  gaveled  out  shortly  before   9 p.m.   Tuesday.   That  came  hours  after  the state  House  surprised  everyone  by  adjourning  and declaring  that  it  would  not  come  back.  Lawmakers  are  going  home  without passing a property  tax reform  bill.  Lt. Governor Dan Patrick held a press conference putting much of the blame on House Speaker  Republican Joe Straus and cited other failed measures such as the so-called "Bathroom Bill" that stalled in committee.