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Johnny Cace's Seafood and Steak House / Facebook

Johnny Cace’s Seafood and Steak House in Longview served its final meal last Saturday night. A 66-year tradition ended with a two-month farewell. It brought out folks who became engaged, celebrated birthdays or had family reunions at the iconic restaurant. Or they simply patronized the place because of its great Cajun seafood and impeccable service.

Marcia Davis / The Daily Tribune

I finally got a snow day. As spring explodes and summer beckons, I recall that February day fondly.

Sunshine Week ends tomorrow. Newspapers, media organizations and good-government groups have published columns, editorials and other material to raise awareness of how we must be vigilant to protect the public’s right to know.

Gary Borders

When I told folks I was going to spend a week in Mexico and Big Bend working on a magazine story, a few acted as if I had signed my death warrant. “Are you going to have any security?” one friend asked. No, we didn’t, though there was certainly safety in numbers with five of us working together — including a scientist who lives and works in Mexico. My brother Scott had the wisest perspective, noting that many millions of people live in Mexico, and the vast majority get through the day just fine. I liked my odds.

Gary Borders

The finish line of the finest adventure on which I have embarked in many years beckoned, at most 300 feet away. A group of us were descending a peak known locally as Big Hill just off the highway in Big Bend Ranch State Park. The peak overlooks the Rio Grande. On this final day of a seven-day voyage from Chihuahua City, Mexico to the Big Bend area, we got up at 4 a.m. to catch sunrise. It was worth the lost sleep. We arrived in the dark to give the two photographers time to set up their spectacular array of equipment.