Borderline with Gary Borders

Friday at 7:45 a.m.

Each week Gary offers a variety of observations and personal experience in a highly engaging commentary from East Texas. Join us for Borderline with Gary Borders in his new time slot, Fridays at 7:45 a.m.

In August, we spent several glorious days in Boston, with day trips up to my native New Hampshire. It was a lovely respite, precious time with my wife and daughter in a place we all love.

The two hurricanes struck three weeks apart a decade ago. Hurricane Katrina devastated a large swath of New Orleans and the surrounding area, of course, after making landfall Aug. 29, 2005. Thousands of people either fled or were evacuated. Many ended up in Lufkin, where I lived at the time and published the paper. 

Gary Borders

When not working at endeavors that help pay the bills, I burn daylight repainting our house’s exterior. The heat has abated to a manageable level, so I hope to finish before it gets too cold for paint to stick. This is a big project — a two-story dwelling with a couple balconies, several levels of eaves, and faded gutters.

There has been a proliferation of monster convenience stores, where gas pumps stretch far as the eye can see. The merchandise includes deer feeders, barbecue smokers, an extensive clothing line, an overwhelming array of road snacks, 80 soda dispensers — and America’s cleanest bathrooms.

That would be Buc-ee's, a 60,000-square-foot emporium that just opened its 23rd Texas store in Terrell on the way to Dallas. We stopped there last Sunday — along with what appeared to be several thousand other curious customers — to get gas and use those famed restroom facilities.

Our family finally decided to cut the cord, or in our case the satellite dish. The vote was unanimous. Since signing up for Netflix and Amazon Prime, we stream 95 percent of all the television we watch.