Wal-Mart Puts Robots In Some Arkansas Stores

Nov 13, 2017

STORE ROBOTS AT WALMART-Some select Arkansas WalMarts will have store robots soon.
Credit Courtesy: WalMart

STORE ROBOTS AT WALMART? Select  Arkansas Walmart  stores are expected to receive  robots Tuesday  to aid associates in their work. Walmart spokesman Kory Lundbert  told  Arkansas Public Radio it’s  all part of an expanded  test to implement the robotic technology that  started  in  Pennsylvania.  "What this is doing with the technology is that it will do the scanning, and tell them that instead of starting in aisle 3, you should start here midway down there's a problem that needs to be fixed." Lundbert explained, " So the associate can go down there,  quickly address the issue so that when the customer comes by looking for that product,  the issue has already been taken care of."  WalMart says the robots aren't meant to replace associates but instead enhance the shopping experience for the customer.  "Customers want our people to use technology, to help them save money, to help them save time," says

SCANNING THE AISLES - You may see a robot like this one coming to a WalMart near you.
Credit Courtesy: WalMart

Landbert. "We will always need great people in our stores working hard for our customers and we think this combination of people and technology is going to help make our stores more convenient, easier to shop, and create a better experience for both our associates and our customers."

Wal-Mart plans to add robots in 50 of its locations.  As to whether or not store robots will become permanent, Wal-Mart says they’ll know more after these initial tests are completed.