Thanks To Mild Winter, Texas Bluebonnets Are Early!

Mar 20, 2017

TEXAS BLUEBONNETS - Thanks to a mild winter, Texas Bluebonnets are making an early showing along highways in East Texas.
Credit Credit Arlene Honza / City of Ennis Convention and Visitors Bureau

THEY'RE EARLY! - Thanks to a milder winter,  the famous Texas Bluebonnets have made an early appearance along Texas highways and interstates.   The popular state flower seems to be everywhere and motorists are encouraged to exercise caution when stopping along busy roadways to take in the views.  Also with warmer weather means snakes and fire ants will be showing up too so people are urged to keep an eye out for those too.  According to experts from Texas A&M Agri-Life Extension Services, the Bluebonnets will soon be joined by Indian Paintbrush and Indian Blankets which are red flowers to compliment the state flower.

Indian Paintbrush among Bluebonnets
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