Texas Legislators Propose Bill To Fix Child Protective Services

Mar 21, 2017

Credit Courtesy: KUT.org

Texas lawmakers met Monday at the Capitol to consider changes to Child Protective Services which is a top priority this legislative session. A federal judge ruled the state agency violates children’s  constitutional rights.  A  new bill, HB 1549, is aimed at improving prevention and early intervention for vulnerable children.  It would call on the agency to implement a  new evidence-based program that would determine the frequency of in-home visits with families based on their history of abuse or other risk factors.  Some argued that the bill may permit CPS to intervene in homes too easily and could infringe on parental rights.   San Antonio Judge  Peter Sakai testified in support of  the proposed changes.

Peter Sakai, Judge - 225 District, Bexar County Texas
Credit Courtesy: Bexar County