Special Legislative Session In Texas Begins This Week

Jul 17, 2017

Credit Courtesy: Pixabay Free Public Domain Images

TEXAS SPECIAL LEGISLATIVE SESSION — Though "bathroom bills" targeting transgender people fizzled in deep-red states across the U.S., the issue is still white hot in Texas,  as it will be part of the special legislative session  that convenes this week in Austin.  Powerful business entities, from Apple to the NFL, oppose such a bill as discriminatory as it would require transgender people to use public restrooms according to their birth-certificate gender. But before any bills get attention,  the Legislature must first address expiration dates of certain state agencies.   The Legislature has to vote every few years to extend the agency’s life.  Five of these agencies were still awaiting action when the regular session ended. Among them, the Texas Medical Board which oversees all health care activities in the Lone Star state.  Other pending issues include teacher's pay raises.

Credit Courtesy: Texas Legislature