Shreveport Aquarium Delays Grand Opening

Sep 8, 2017

SHREVEPORT AQUARIUM - Artist concept of the former Barnwell Center transformed into a new riverfront attraction.
Credit Courtesy: Planet Aqua Group

CONSTRUCTION DELAYS -The Barnwell Garden & Art Center on Shreveport’s downtown riverfront is being transformed into the new Shreveport Aquarium which was originally scheduled to open at the end of August. But construction delays have forced the company Planet Aqua Group to push the grand opening back a bit as Jake Wood, aquarium spokesman explains there have been changes to the original building plans.  

Jake Wood, Spokesman-Planet Aqua Group
Credit Courtesy: Shreveport Times photo

One such change was to keep the iconic "Barnwell Dome" as part of the aquarium's concept so that will house a "Louisiana Wildlife" exhibit.  Other changes include taking what was originally to be a simple cafe into a full-service "polished-casual concept restaurant where you won't need a black tie to dine there but it's certainly not fast-food." There were adjustments to the front driveway to accommodate buses and additional parking will be created closer to the structure.   The new projected opening will be sometime in late September or early October.   To keep updated,  there's a website:

ICONIC LANDMARK - The dome of the old Barnwell Garden and Arts Center will be kept in the design of the new Shreveport Aquarium.
Credit Courtesy: Barnwell Memorial Gardens & Art Center
Credit Courtesy: Planet Aqua Group