She's Every Woman: The Chaka Khan Story

Airs Thursday, February 18, at 8 p.m. "She's Every Woman", a 2-hour documentary, tells the story of Chaka's rise, beginning in the 1970's, and her journey as a career vocalist, now spanning over 40 years. Chaka Khan is a force of nature, acknowledged as one of the greatest living vocalists on the planet. She has secured a place in the pantheon of African-American musical royalty for a generation.

Songwriter Valerie Simpson, who penned Chaka's hit, "I'm Every Woman" (along with her late husband Nick Ashford), is the host. There is commentary from fellow artists such as Lala Hathaway, Brenda Russell, Bluey (from Incognito) and Mary J. Blige. And Chaka candidly describes her creative and emotional journey.

While she is most known for her funk tunes, Chaka Khan's vocal instrument is incredibly versatile. She's collaborated with composers and producers like Miles Davis, Prince, Stevie Wonder, Ray Charles, Billy Cobham, Quincy Jones, Ashford & Simpson... The list goes on. "She's Every Woman" includes clips of Chaka performing funk, jazz, blues, soul, and gospel, broadening our understanding of the artist's bona fides.

Chaka Khan is a survivor and an Icon. And her assertion to keep going strong, performing her craft after 40 years, and continuing to strive for perfection, are values held dear by many public radio listeners, who will enjoy this entertaining production.