Robinson Film Center in Shreveport goes digital

Jul 24, 2013

A nonprofit film center in Shreveport will debut its new digital projection system next week. The independent movie theater has raised more than $140,000 to pay for the new digital upgrade.

The Robinson Film Center began its yearlong fundraising campaign after the film industry announced that it would phase out 35 mm prints at the end of the year, in favor of a new high-resolution digital format.

The film center, located in downtown Shreveport, opened five years ago and serves more than 60,000 people each year, according to a news release. It reached out to local foundations, the city of Shreveport, and its patrons to raise money for the digital conversion.

According to the industry trade group the National Association of Theatre Owners, 80 percent of screens in the United States have already converted.  The Robinson Film Center is set to unveil its new system on Aug. 2.