Prominent Texas Gun Rights Supporter Tentatively Favors "Red Flag" Proposal

Jun 26, 2018

Credit Courtesy: Chuck Smith / Red River Radio News

TEXAS RED-FLAG LAW?- One of Texas’ most prominent gun rights supporters is  tentatively endorsing the passage of a “red-flag” law, as a means of reducing school shootings. Former Texas Land Commissioner Jerry Patterson wrote the state’s concealed carry law when he was a state senator. Texas Public Media’s Andrew Schneider has more.

SCHNEIDER - A red-flag law allows a judge to take away a person’s firearm if someone can demonstrate the gun owner may be dangerous to himself or others. Patterson told a Texas House committee there is no way to eliminate school shootings. But he said a red-flag law could reduce them.

Jerry Patterson, former Texas Land Commissioner
Credit Courtesy: Texas Public Media

PATTERSON-“I believe, personally, that there is a way to, with respect of the Second, the Fourth, the Fifth, the Fourteenth [Amendments], and the rights of due process, a way to identify people who are a genuine threat and remove firearms from their control.”

SCHNEIDER-Governor Greg Abbott called on the Texas Legislature to consider the merits of adopting a red-flag law, following last month’s shooting at Santa Fe High School. Lawmakers are trying to figure out how to implement Abbott’s charge ahead of next year’s session.  In Houston, I’m Andrew Schneider.