La. Special Session Ends, Budget Deal Reached

Jun 19, 2017

ADJOURNMENT-Speaker Taylor Barras bangs the gavel officially ending the Louisiana Special Legislative Session in Baton Rouge, Friday, June 16, 2017
Credit COURTESY: La. House of Representatives

COMPROMISE REACHED?  Louisiana’s   second special legislative session of 2017 officially came to an end  Friday delivering a  budget marginally different than the one proposed by the  Senate during the regular session.  Many – including Governor John Bel Edwards – were wondering whether the special session had truly been necessary. The  Louisiana Legislature’s  final budget fully funds the popular  Taylor  Opportunity  Program for  Students, higher education avoids a cut, civil service workers get a 2 percent pay raise,  psychosocial services continue, and the Acadiana  Youth Center WILL open.  The ability to fund  TOPS   at its  $300  million projected need and  protect state colleges and universities from cuts,  was touted as one of the few brightspots in the budget that begins  July  1st.  

GOVERNOR'S PRESS CONFERENCE- John Bel Edwards offered his observations upon adjournment of the second special legislative session that ended Friday, June 16, 2017.
Credit Courtesy: Office of Louisiana Governor