La. Gas Tax Bill Approved by Ways and Means Committee

May 17, 2017

Representives Ivey (R) and Seabaugh (R) confer during legislative session on Tax Reform bills in Baton Rouge.
Credit Courtesy: AP Photo

GAS TAX  BILL & TAX REFORM MEASURES A  Louisiana  House panel  Tuesday narrowly approved a  bill that would raise the state’s  gasoline tax by  17  cents per gallon…a  move that’s expected to raise a half-billion in state aid for roads and bridges.  For now,  La. motorists pay 38.4 cents per gallon in taxes,  including  20 cents in state charges.. a  rate that hasn’t changed in 20 years.  Gov. John  Bel  Edwards,  whose transportation task force in  December recommended a  $700  million hike,  said he was "extremely encouraged"  by the committee vote. Baton Rouge Representative/ Republican  Barry  Ivey said the only way he would support the bill was if it received complete transparency via the internet.