Bossier Parish Crime Dropped 6 Points In 2017

Feb 14, 2018

Bossier Parish Sheriff Julian Whittington holds a press conference to reveal parish crime statistics for 2017.
Credit Courtesy: BPSO

BOSSIER PARISH CRIME DOWN- Bossier Parish Sheriff  Julian Whittington held a press conference yesterday to release the 2017 crime statistics for Bossier Parish,  Whittington explained, there was a decrease of nearly six percentage points in major crimes from 2016 to 2017. "We'll go through the numbers first; 6 percent overall decrease in major crime for last year. Our homicide rate we're very proud of, for two years running we've had zero homicides. That's "ZERO" any way you count it, it's 

Julian Whittington, Sheriff-Bossier Parish
Credit Courtesy: BPSO

zero, plain and simple. We're very proud of that fact."  Whittington added "We work hard to be proactive in fighting crime in keeping Bossier a premier place to live and raise a family."   There were a total of 915 major crimes in Bossier parish in 2017, down from 973 the year before. The largest reduction came from crimes against people, which went from 485 in 2016 to 417 in 2017Crime statistics are for Bossier Parish and the unincorporated portions of the parish only… and do not include the city limits of Bossier City, Benton, 

Bossier Parish Sheriff's Deputy dusts for fingerprints during a crime scene investigation.
Credit Courtesy: BPSO

Haughton and Plain Dealing.  According to a Bossier Police Dept. press release a few weeks ago…  the City of Bossier had 7 homicides last year and a jump in Auto Thefts.

Bossier Parish Crime Statistics