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Tue August 18, 2015
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'Shots On The Bridge' Unpacks A Tangled Story Of Deceit And Tragedy

Originally published on Thu August 20, 2015 1:55 pm

Mario Tama Getty Images

On Sept. 4, 2005 — nearly a week after floodwaters submerged much of the city, a call came in to the New Orleans Police Department: Officers in distress, maybe under fire, at the Danziger Bridge.

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Sun August 16, 2015
Author Interviews

In Life After Life, 'Incarnations' Spins A Sinuous Tale Of Soul Mates

Originally published on Mon August 17, 2015 5:11 pm

Emily Bogle NPR

It all starts with a strange letter left for a Beijing cabdriver, tucked away in the sun visor of his taxi. In the months just before the 2008 Summer Olympics, Wang Jun is living with his wife and daughter — but the message, and those that follow, quickly tangle that quiet life in complications.

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Sun August 16, 2015
Music Interviews

'Bringing Back The Home': Jon Cleary Celebrates The Soul Of New Orleans

Originally published on Mon August 17, 2015 2:17 pm

Jon Cleary's new album, GoGo Juice, is out now. (Don't fret: He doesn't really know what gogo juice is, either.)
Danielle Moir Courtesy of the artist

Jon Cleary's songwriting is pure New Orleans. The pianist and singer has absorbed every last bit of sound from the Mississippi delta. But here's the thing: Cleary was born and raised in England.

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Sun August 16, 2015

For Cancer-Detecting Canines, The Nose Knows

Originally published on Sun August 23, 2015 9:14 am

Dr. Claire Guest, co-founder of Medical Detection Dogs, says one of her dogs sniffed out her own breast cancer.
Janine Warwick

A new clinical trial is set to begin in the United Kingdom using the powerful noses of dogs to detect prostate cancer in humans.

While research has been done before, these are the first trials approved by Britain's National Health Service.

The trials, at the Milton Keynes University Hospital in Buckinghamshire, will use animals from a nonprofit organization called Medical Detection Dogs, co-founded in 2008 by behavioral psychologist Claire Guest.

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Sun August 16, 2015
Goats and Soda

The Former Monk Who Is A Father To 85 Children

Originally published on Sun August 16, 2015 8:34 am

Tashi, who's about 5, comes to the school full of anger and fear — and undergoes a transformation.
HBO/"Tashi and the Monk"

A man in his early 40s with a kind, weathered face is talking to a room full of children.

"In some ways, all of us are basically abandoned or not really a wanted person," he says. "Everybody kind of give up the hope on us. But in this place, you are welcome and you have opportunity to change, and we will be with you, no matter what. This is a community of love and compassion."

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