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FIREFIGHTING FUNDS - Wildfires have been in the news over the past few weeks,  there was the tragic fire in Gatlinburg, Tennessee where 14 people lost their lives.  Recent wildfires in Texas were to blame for two deaths and other wildfires have occurred in Kansas, Oklahoma, and Colorado.   Red River Radio listeners should remember the wildfires that burned parts of East Texas, SW Arkansas, and Louisiana two years ago.  With that in mind, recent budget cuts to Louisiana's Department of Agriculture could impact wildfire fighting resources.

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LA PUBLIC DEFENDERS OFFICE FUNDING - The Louisiana Justice Reinvestment Task  Force has been charged with making criminal justice reform recommendations aimed at reducing the incarceration rate, but funding for public defenders has not been considered.  The Task Force will make recommendations to the state legislature in the next few weeks.  A class action suit, filed last month in state district court, is seeking to have that funding mechanism declared unconstitutional.

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