Courtesy: Baton Rouge Rotary Club

BATON ROUGE- Yesterday Governor John Bel Edwards met with 21 Louisiana Business Executives from all over the state as an effort to create an open dialogue on what to do with the state’s financial woes.   Also on Tuesday,  Louisiana Commissioner of Administration Jay Dardenne made a presentation to the Baton Rouge Rotary Club about the pending “Fiscal Cliff” when Louisiana loses more than one-billion dollars in sales tax revenue when the temporary tax expires in July.  He warns that despite all the budget cuts made,  more will be one the way.

Courtesy: Texas Public Media

TEXAS BATHROOM BILL –  With a week left in the Texas Legislative Special Session…it seems “The Texas Privacy Act”, more commonly known as the transgender bathroom bill appears to have stalled before the State House of Representatives.  The bill sailed through the Texas Senate but now sits before the House Committee on State Affairs and the Committee’s chairman, Corsicana Republican Byron Cook and he tells Texas Public Media he will not give the bill another hearing.  

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SUPERVISION FEES AT QUESTION - A racketeering lawsuit alleges that a Baton Rouge pretrial supervision company essentially holds inmates for ransom even after they've paid their bond, by requiring a $525 fee to get out of jail.   The American Civil Liberties Union of Louisiana and the Southern Poverty Law Center say the company gets referrals from a state district judge with whom it has political ties. The lawsuit, filed late Monday by the ACLU of Louisiana and the Southern Poverty Law Center, accuses the company, Rehabilitation Home Incarceration, of violating state and federal racke

Courtesy: Texas Tribune

ABORTION INSURANCE - The Texas House gave initial approval to a bill that would require women to pay a separate premium if they want their insurance to cover abortion. The bill only makes an exception for women who face a medical emergency as defined by the state. But opponents say the bill presents problems for women who face less serious medical issues, as well as victims of rape and incest. The bill’s sponsor Republican Representative John Smithee says the ban won’t completely stop women from getting abortion coverage if they really want it.