Terri Jacobson

Kate Archer Kent

Lake Bistineau in northwest Louisiana is above flood stage and has just reopened to boats. The lake is connected to the Red River via Loggy Bayou. Lake manager David Jett is tracking a slow and steady decline in the lake level over the past two days. He’s seen a bigger Bistineau.

“Oh my goodness, I’ve seen it much higher than this. In fact, it was higher than this back in the early spring. In 2009, if I recall correctly, the lake level went up to 147 feet,” Jett said.

Kate Archer Kent

The Friends of the Red River National Wildlife Refuge will host a public event Monday that will explore the night sounds on the refuge in Bossier City. Owls, frogs, and crickets are just part of the nighttime chorus, according to refuge ranger Terri Jacobson. In the spring, Jacobson said, the wildlife sounds intensify.

“The animals are waking up and starting to call and sing and make noise as they’re gathering courtship, pairing up, getting together to create families for the spring," Jacobson said.

Red River National Wildlife Refuge

The Red River National Wildlife Refuge in Bossier City is set to host four educator workshops this month.

Refuge ranger Terri Jacobson will lead the six-hour workshops where participants can earn professional development hours. The free seminars are open to many different types of educators. They will learn about helping children make deeper connections to nature and exploring many aspects of wild birds, among other topics. Red River National Wildlife Refuge manager, Pat Stinson told Red River Radio last year that its visitor’s center is a hub for outdoor education.