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Mon May 7, 2012
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Radiolab: Talking to Machines

Wire Head
Paul Moody

Airs Monday, May 7 at 8:00 p.m.
What can machines tell us about being human? This hour of Radiolab, Jad and Robert meet humans and robots who are trying to connect, and blur the line. We talk to the world's most advanced robot, meet a man who fell in love with a chatbot, and argue with the inventor of Furby over whether a toy can ever really be "alive."


Thu December 15, 2011

LSU Shreveport offers online proctoring service

LSU Shreveport is now giving online students the option of taking exams through Proctor U, an Alabama technology firm that proctors exams remotely for a fee.


Thu December 8, 2011

Natchitoches high school gets a supercomputer

Math instructor Brad Burkman and physics instructor Kerrie Tainter assembled a portable supercomputer.

Students at Louisiana School for Math, Science and the Arts will get firsthand experience on a supercomputer. It's the only high school nationwide awarded a supercomputer through the LittleFe project.