Sam the Dog


Fri December 12, 2014

Gary Borders: 'Tis the season for glorious walks in the Piney Woods (if someone else rakes them)

Sam the Dog and I walked in the early morning darkness the other day after a blue Norther blew through. I was bundled up against the wind, Sam tugging against the leash, enjoying the drop in temperatures. Leaves skittered across the pavement, which made a naturally skittish dog occasionally flinch. Even after more than two years of affection and living the good life, Sam still bears psychic scars. He was clearly mistreated before my wife found him lying up the hill in the street two years ago, with matted smelly fur and a look of resignation in his eyes. He had given up.

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Fri March 15, 2013

Gary Borders: Sam the dog doesn't realize his good fortune

How can you deny Sam?
Credit Gary Borders

Commentator Gary Borders introduces us to the newest member of his family who is occasionally trying to fit in. Sam won over hearts, though he eyes an escape route whenever the door opens.

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