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MONEY FOR FLOOD MITIGATION: Louisiana is spending $277 million in federal cash received after last year's March and August floods to fortify communities against future disasters.  And so  Gov. John Bel Edwards is traveling the state to explain the Hazard Mitigation Grant Program and why it was established. The Hazard Mitigation Grant Program Plans include buyouts of flood-prone properties, improved drainage, and home elevations.   But the Edwards administration says the dollars are woefully short of what is needed to improve Louisiana's resilience in storms.

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Both of Arkansas's Republican senators,  Tom Cotton and John Boozman, have long favored ending the Affordable Care Act but they are avoiding public comment about the now-flopped  GOP repeal and replace plan.   Cotton and Boozman were on the planning committees to work on a Republican replacement plan. Now they both favor  REPEAL before REPLACEMENT  which for Cotton is a shift in direction.  But closer to home,  Republican Governor Asa Hutchinson doesn't believe Congress should delay in crafting a replacement plan as he explained Tuesday on CNN.


TEXAS SPECIAL  SESSION:  Texas lawmakers ARE back in Austin Tuesday for a special session.  The first item lawmakers have to tackle: sunset legislation. They'll decide whether to allow some state agencies like the Texas Medical Board to continue operating.  Once they do that, then Governor Greg Abbott says they can address other matters.   Those include reviving a failed so-called bathroom bill,  stricter limits on local property tax collection and tree ordinances, and raises for teachers.   But the Texas House and Senate are far apart on many issues.

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TEXAS SPECIAL LEGISLATIVE SESSION — Though "bathroom bills" targeting transgender people fizzled in deep-red states across the U.S., the issue is still white hot in Texas,  as it will be part of the special legislative session  that convenes this week in Austin.  Powerful business entities, from Apple to the NFL, oppose such a bill as discriminatory as it would require transgender people to use public restrooms according to their birth-certificate gender. But before any bills get attention,  the Legislature must first address expiration dates of certain state agencies.

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