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Courtesy: La Housing Corporation

LA HOUSING SEMINAR-  Some special seminars will be held in Shreveport and Monroe this Week to let people learn about how they may apply for government assistance in repairing or replacing rental properties that were affected by last year’s floods.  The Louisiana Housing Corporation is conducting the seminars and has released funding guidelines as of May 15 for the Louisiana Neighborhood Landlord Rental Program and the Multifamily Restoration Gap Program in separate documents known as notifications of funding availability.

Courtesy: Dan Patrick, Lt. Gov. Website

SPECIAL SESSIONS?  Both Louisiana and Texas legislatures are winding down to their final weeks but could a Special Session be in the works for both states?   Texas  Lieutenant Governor  Dan  Patrick has threatened to force one if the  Texas  House of Representatives doesn't  pass  Patrick’s  Senate priorities.

Courtesy: Crater of Diamonds State Park

DIAMOND FOUND IN ARKANSAS PARK-  Arkansas’  Crater of  Diamonds State  Park near  Murfreesboro announced a  recent large diamond find from a  visitor. Park Interpretor  Waymon Cox said a young woman from Tulsa, OK found the 2.65 carat raw diamond in about 10 minutes after entering the park.  The Arkansas Crater of Diamonds State Park is located on Ark. Highway 301 near Murfreesboro.

Courtesy: AP Photo

GAS TAX  BILL & TAX REFORM MEASURES A  Louisiana  House panel  Tuesday narrowly approved a  bill that would raise the state’s  gasoline tax by  17  cents per gallon…a  move that’s expected to raise a half-billion in state aid for roads and bridges.  For now,  La. motorists pay 38.4 cents per gallon in taxes,  including  20 cents in state charges.. a  rate that hasn’t changed in 20 years.  Gov. John  Bel  Edwards,  whose transportation task force in  December recommended a  $700  million hike,  said he was "extremely encouraged"  by the committee vote.

Courtesy: Talk Business and Politics

MORE EXPLANATION IS DESIRED - Much has been said about President Trump’s recent firing of former FBI Director James Comey. Arkansas’s senior senator John Boozman told Arkansas’ Talk Business & Politics website that while he applauded Comey’s service record, he understood what led to his dismissal but also wants a  more complete explanation. Sen. Boozman also stated he’s confident in the current Senate Intelligence Committee Investigation regarding any Russian interference with the Presidential Campaign last year.