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IMMIGRANT TAX PAYERS - Are you a Tax-payer?  For most of us it’s something of a source of American pride.  But contrary to common belief, millions of undocumented immigrants pay income taxes too.  And in the state of Texas,   recent estimates show the IRS gets 1.9 billion dollars in Federal Income Taxes  from  its  undocumented population.   In this report,  Elizabeth Trovall of Texas Public Media explores  how  these undocumented immigrants  are  paying  their  share.

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LA SEX HARRASSMENT BILL:  Louisiana’s Legislative Auditor released a report earlier this week ….it was based on a survey of 30,000 state employees, and it revealed that nearly 80 percent of the respondents say they’ve experienced sexual harassment on the job, but never reported it. It also explained that  $5 Million dollars has been spent on sexual harassment lawsuits by the state since 2009-- and that there were hundreds claims of sexual 

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ABORTION RIGHTS BILL:  Yesterday,  senators in Louisiana’s Judiciary Committee  debated  over a  proposal  to  implement  a  ban on  abortion  after  15  weeks  of  pregnancy .  Louisiana’s current  law  prohibits  abortions  after 20 weeks. Sponsored by Sen. John Milkovich, D-Shreveport, Senate Bill 181 matches one in the State of Mississippi, which  is currently being challenged in federal court.  Critics argue that further restricting access to abortion could raise questions about constitutionality.

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TEXAS TEEN PREGNANCY - According to a new study released today, teenagers in foster care in Texas are FIVE times more likely to become pregnant than other teens in the state.  Kate Murphy with the group Texans Care for Children, the group that conducted the study. Murphy says her research found state lawmakers have a lot of work to do to prevent pregnancy among teens in foster care. Murphy says caseworkers could also be better about telling foster teens – who are all on Medicaid – that they have access to birth control.

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TOPS GETS SUPPORT- HOSPITALS DON'T -  Louisiana’s House Appropriations Committee met in Baton Rouge yesterday to address funding the Taylor Opportunity Program for Students,  the  popular scholarship program known as TOPS. The committee voted to fully fund TOPS given a recent revelation that the state’s budget shortfall will be lower than first anticipated as it’s been projected some $350 million dollars more in the budget due to Federal Tax reform, a better state economy,  and higher oil prices.