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Courtesy: WRKF Baton Rouge

LA SPECIAL SESSION AGAIN -   Perhaps the 7th Time will be a Charm   as  another  special  legislative session officially began  for Louisiana Lawmakers  yesterday afternoon as they gathered in Baton Rouge once again to resolve  a  budget  gap  left  over  from  the previous  special session that ended earlier this month.

Courtesy: La. House of Representatives

LA. LEGISLATIVE NEWS - In what may be considered a sign of progress …Louisiana’s House of Representatives approved a spending plan last night to address the looming “fiscal cliff”, that is when the temporary 1 cent sales tax expires June 30th.  But the House plan falls well short of filling the estimated $650 million dollar budget  shortfall.. as  it  raises  $400 million dollars in additional revenue… which means cuts will still be needed to make up the 

RESTORE LOUISIANA PROGRAM - Louisiana homeowners who sustained damage  from the 2016 floods still have time to apply for federal aid but there’s a deadline to do that.  Shauna Sanford,  communications  director  for  Governor John Bel Edwards  gives  us  the details  on  the  Restore Louisiana Program  application  and  deadline.

"The deadline for those homeowners who have not taken the initial survey, which is the first step homeowners need to take in order to find out if they'll be eligible to receive a grant award in this program, 

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TX GOV SCHOOL SAFETY- In the aftermath of the May 18th school shooting in Texas that left 10 people dead, In Dallas yesterday—Governor  Greg  Abbott  issued a 40 page report with 40 recommendations to improve school safety.  KERA’s Bill Zeeble reports, the plan makes $120 million available to schools for more armed security.  Governor Abbotts report puts a high priority on adding armed teachers and law enforcement officers in schools.

Courtesy: La. House of Representatives

LA. BUDGET LEGISLATION -  Louisiana’s  Special Session is scheduled to end on June 4th and with less than a week  to go, lawmakers in Baton Rouge are attempting to move towards resolution on the state budget.  Yesterday, during the House Appropriations Committee meeting,   Rep. Cameron Henry (Republican from Metarie)  introduced a state operating budget that cuts higher education by $26 million dollars and funds 90% of the TOPS tuition Program.    Rep. Patricia Smith (Democrat from Baton Rouge) took issue with that.