Mt. Pleasant

Newspaper offices and trains have gone hand-in-hand throughout my checkered career. This current gig is no exception.

We moved our office downtown last August, on my birthday. It was not my intent to celebrate the final year of my sixth decade on this planet by sweating profusely and risking back injury while moving desks, filing cabinets and the like. But that is how it worked out. Football season was set to begin the following Friday, and I wanted us settled in our new digs before that commenced.

Gary Borders
Gary Borders / Gary Borders

I come from a family of daydreaming drivers, which often leads to missed turns and abashed backtracking.

Once while heading back from New Orleans with a carload of teenagers I forgot to get off I-10 in Beaumont to head north into the Piney Woods. Next thing I knew the sign said “San Antonio, 175 miles” and Houston was in my rearview mirror. My passengers were not pleased.