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Moonbot Studios William Joyce announces the return of the Academy Award-winning company in Shreveport, Louisiana.

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“Ollie’s Odyssey” is the new book by Shreveport children’s author and illustrator William Joyce. It joins a shelf of more than 50 books he’s written and illustrated over his career. This one is almost 300 pages with dozens of full-page illustrations (the most he’s put in a novel, he thinks). It’s a chapter book geared to the grade-school set. 

Kate Archer Kent

Shreveport-based Moonbot Studios created a show pilot for Amazon Studios fall kids’ pilot season that debuted Thursday. “The Numberlys” is one of six animated children’s show projects contending to be a full series. 

Kate Archer Kent

A new 40-page "memoir" by Shreveport children’s author and illustrator William Joyce puts to rest a pressing question he’s fielded for years: What was your first book?

“It’s something I wrote in the fourth grade titled ‘Billy’s Booger: The Memoir of a Little Green Nose Buddy.’ People laugh or they cringe,” Joyce said.

The founder of Moonbot Studios revisits his entry in the fourth grade book writing contest at Shreveport’s A.C. Steere Elementary. The children’s book, published by Simon & Schuster, is inset with a recreation of the book that was his very first effort.

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