The oldest person in the world lives in Camden, Arkansas. Gertrude Weaver, born on July 4, 1898, claimed the title Wednesday after the death of a Japanese woman, according to the Gerontology Research Group. Weaver, 116, is very healthy, vibrant and energetic, according to Kathy Langley, the administrator of Silver Oaks Health and Rehabilitation in Camden.

“I think probably the thing we learn from her is to love everybody. The thing she talks to us about more than anything else is that she’s been blessed because of her kindness,” Langley said.

Purdue University

A group of runners is making tracks across South Arkansas today on a 3,100-mile journey to better understand human physical endurance and to raise awareness about the dangers of childhood obesity.

Purdue University anthropologist Bryce Carlson is one of seven still pounding the pavement and running a marathon distance a day. They set out from Springhill, La., Wednesday and will end today’s run just south of Magnolia, Ark. They’re progressing eastward across Arkansas and will stop in El Dorado tomorrow.