Fri December 19, 2014


Thu December 18, 2014

1954 Shreveport plane crash DVD to benefit local history scholarship

The Shreveport Historic Preservation Society's Agatha Fertitta-McCall and Winston Conway Link created a DVD on the 1954 Wallace Lake plane crash.
Credit Kate Archer Kent

The Shreveport Historic Preservation Society has produced a one-hour DVD about the 1954 Wallace Lake plane crash that killed 12 Shreveport businessmen who were returning from a south Louisiana duck hunt.

The DVD features Shreveport historian Ernie Roberson concludes in presentation by reading the transcripts of ground control at Shreveport Regional Airport attempting to establish connection with the pilot of a Grumman G-73 Mallard that crashed on the north shore of Wallace Lake in 1954.

“49 Nectar, this is Shreveport Tower, 49 Nectar do you read?”

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Thu December 18, 2014


Wed December 17, 2014


Tue December 16, 2014

Northwestern State professor furthers Nepali girls' education cause in Natchitoches

Professor Patrice Moulton met last Christmas with Nepali girls who received scholarships provided by the Empower Nepali Girls Foundation. She is in Nepal delivering more backpacks this year.
Credit Northwestern State University

A Northwestern State University psychology professor arrived in Nepal this week to distribute hundreds of scholarships to young girls. It guarantees they get an education in their village and decreases the likelihood that they’ll fall prey to human trafficking.

Patrice Moulton is a volunteer with the Empower Nepali Girls Foundation. She’ll trek the Annapurna Circuit of Nepal with yaks delivering backpacks to girls who show educational promise. The backpacks are their ticket to one year of school.

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