Courtesy: Louisiana Budget Project

LOW WAGES IN LA:  You've probably heard the term: "The Working Poor",  this describes people with families and who have  jobs  but  receive minimum wage which is set at $7.25  per hour in Louisiana.   And although raising the minimum wage has been a goal  for  Gov. John Bel Edwards,  Budget Project Director Jan  Moller  told Baton Rouge  public radio WRKF  that  this  idea  hasn't  gained  much  traction. "Minimum wage is a hard lift at the legislature," he says.

Courtesy: wikimedia-commons

LOUISIANA VOTERS and POLITICAL PARTIES  With less than 13% of all registered voters in Louisiana showing up to vote last Saturday… it’s a safe assumption that voting enthusiasm has hit a low.  And that could be true of party affiliation as 25% of voters are either registered as ‘other’ or ‘no party.   Could this be a trend?  University of Louisiana at Monroe political science professor Joshua Stockley shared some observations with public radio WRKF in Baton Rouge. " I’m not ready to say that it means there's dissatisfaction with the party system.