Litter Index

Three years after the city of El Dorado launched a formal litter reduction program there’s a measurable improvement in the city’s appearance.

The group Keep El Dorado Beautiful, part of the Keep America Beautiful organization, carried out its annual litter index survey. Volunteers went ward by ward scanning street after street to count the amount of trash they saw and assigning it a numerical value. Keep El Dorado Beautiful executive director Alexis Alexander says the volunteers found little trash, but they noticed something else on the streets.

The city of El Dorado is working through its certification process to become an affiliate city of the Keep America Beautiful organization. Six volunteers will pile into a city van Saturday and drive dozens of miles crisscrossing El Dorado to complete what’s called a "litter index."

Keep El Dorado Beautiful chairwoman Janis VanHook said the passengers will mark a score card to evaluate the magnitude of litter in various areas of the city. VanHook said the litter index will help prioritize and focus beautification projects in the future.