Thu November 27, 2014
Jazz Night In America

Jazz Night In America: To Miles From Wayne To Wallace - The Lost Wayne Shorter Scores

Airs Thursday, November 27 at 9 p.m. In the late 1960s, when trumpeter Miles Davis was leading his famous Second Quintet, saxophonist Wayne Shorter wrote a series of large ensemble works. They were never recorded, only was performed, and many people never knew they existed. Sometime around the quintet disbanding, Shorter put the scores away.  Now, trumpeter Wallace Roney -- a protégé of Miles Davis -- has received the scores from Shorter and prepared them for a performance at the 2014 Detroit Jazz Festival. Roney, with permission from Shorter, has re-orchestrated them to fit a more standard orchestral jazz ensemble.  Jazz Night in America presents a window into a fascinating period of Wayne Shorter’s writing with the very first recording of “Universe” and “Legend, written in the late 1960s and “Twin Dragon” written in 1981. The Wallace Roney Orchestra features Victor Gould (piano), Buster Williams (bass), Lenny White (drums) and the ensemble is filled out with various New York based musicians and local talent pulled from the Detroit Symphony Orchestra. In 1983, Roney was one of seven trumpeters performing at a Miles Davis tribute concert. Backstage after the show, trumpeter Art Farmer took Wallace up to Davis’s dressing room. This meeting spawned a bond between student and teacher that would continue until Davis’s death in 1991. This episode of Jazz Night in America explores this accelerated period in Roney’s career while looking further back at the musical experiences that shaped Wayne’s writing for large ensemble.

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Wed October 8, 2014
Jazziana Live

Jazziana Live in the Red River Radio Studios

Darrel Mims (Guitar & Vocals) and Rodger Barnes (Keys, Percussion & Vocals)
Red River Radio

Airs Wednesday, October 8 at 8:00 p.m. Wally Derleth will be your host with Bill Beckett at the Mix Console for this live show in our Marion and Donald Weiss Performance Studios with Darrel Mims (Guitar & Vocals) and Rodger Barnes (Keys, Percussion & Vocals), George Nelson (Percussion) AKA Jazziana. Call in and show your support for live music and diverse programming during this special at 800-552-8502 or pledge on line here: DONATE NOW!


Mon September 22, 2014
Newport Jazz Festival

Newport Jazz Festival: Ben Allison Live

Ben Allison

Airs Monday, September 22 at 8 p.m. Bassist and bandleader Ben Allison has developed the ability to write music with the sound and electric attack of rock 'n' roll, as well as the sophistication and improvisational frames of jazz. His constant search for new timbres and combinations has made him one of the most engaging composers today. At the CareFusion Newport Jazz Festival in Newport, R.I., his band blasted in full force.


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Fri September 19, 2014
Savannah Music Festival

Savannah Music Festival: Freddy Cole live

Airs Thursday, September 18 at 8 p.m. While there are certain unmistakable similarities in the musicianship of the two siblings, the younger brother of Nat King Cole long ago emerged from the awesome shadow cast by his elder brother. In truth, his phrasing is far closer to that of Frank Sinatra or Billie Holiday than that of his brother, and his timing swings a little more.

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Mon September 15, 2014
Newport Jazz Festival

Newport Jazz Festival: Gretchen Parlato Live

Gretchen Parlato

Airs Monday, September 16 at 8 p.m.  It's not her light and feathery voice so much as how she uses it: phrased creatively, on pitch, in ways that request and reward closer attention. It's to her credit that hip young New York musicians are happy to play with Parlato — she's as much a musician as they are. One such grouping appears here at the CareFusion Newport Jazz Festival in Newport, R.I.

Gretchen Parlato, vocals
Gerald Clayton, piano/Fender Rhodes
Alan Hampton, bass
Kendrick Scott, drums

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