George Rodrigue Foundation

Courtesy: La. A+ Schools

LOUISIANA A+ SCHOOLS:   Raising academic performance in schools is an on-going concern as better educated children will have more career opportunities, especially if they master subjects in Science, Technology and Math.  But Arts curriculums, which often don’t get as much attention --can actually help improve academic performance.


CAJUN AND BLUE DOG ART - The Louisiana Artist.. the late George Rodrigue  became famous for his Cajun Paintings and the iconic Blue Dog series.  He and his Wife Wendy set up a foundation to advocate arts integration in schools.  This Sunday she visit’s Shreveport for a special fundraiser.  Wendy explains "George and I visited Shreveport many times over the years,  has a lot of fans there --- I love it.  After he passed away I wanted to continue to work with the schools."  So Wendy came up with a statewide "Life and Legacy Tour" for Louisiana A+ Arts Integration in Schools.

Kate Archer Kent

The New Orleans-based George Rodrigue Foundation will open a grant application period in November for Louisiana schools that seek to join the A+ Schools Program and infuse the arts into every aspect of their curriculum. Foundation director Jacques Rodrigue spoke Friday in Bossier City as part of a TEDx event. Currently, seven schools in Louisiana are in the network. Rodrigue said his foundation couldn’t wait for the state to embrace this educational model. So his father, the artist known for the famous Blue Dog paintings, George Rodrigue, took the lead.