Frances McDormand


Airs Sunday, November 30 at 6 p.m. The Kitchen Sisters present Hidden Kitchens World, an hour-long special full of richly layered stories that travel the world, exploring secret, unexpected, below-the radar kitchen cultures in cities and towns across the globe. A broadcast special rich with great stories, music, sound, host and guest stars – Academy Award-winner Frances McDormand, Gael Garcia Bernal (star of Motorcycle Diaries and Jon Stewart’s new film, Rosewater), Werner Herzog, Salman Rushdie and Lawrence Ferlinghetti. Stories of Mafia wine from Sicily, Dissident Kitchens from Russia, the seldom-heard saga of the Turnspit Dog from Medieval England, Atomic Wine from France and from the Coachella Valley, The Romance and Sex Life of the Date. An evocative hour of beautifully-crafted radio that chronicles little-known kitchen rituals and traditions, inspired by The Kitchen Sisters series heard on NPR's Morning Edition. Hidden Kitchens – how communities come together through food. 

Airs Sunday, March 3 at 6 p.m.  An hour-long journey into the world of clandestine cooking, kitchen rituals and traditions. Tales of kitchens that suddenly pop up, kitchens that stay underground to survive, kitchens that are the keepers of a culture. Cooking traditions that spring from the most unlikely moments of history.
     We travel the country and we travel in time in search of hidden kitchens and little-known corners of American food culture. From the Crossroads in Mississippi to the Birth of Rice-a-Roni in San Francisco. From the Sheepherder's Ball in the Basque Country in Boise to the Breadbasket of California's Central Valley. We hear kitchen stories and music from Michael Pollan, Rosemary Clooney, Robert Johnson, Super Chikan and more.   Hosted by Academy Award-winning actress, Frances McDormand.