El Dorado Promise Scholarship

Dallas Cowboys' Stephen Jones to speak in El Dorado

Apr 14, 2016
Dallas Cowboys

The Dallas Cowboys chief operating officer will be the keynote speaker at El Dorado High School’s Academic Signing Day in May. According to a news release from the El Dorado Education Foundation, Stephen Jones will headline this event that recognizes about 300 graduating seniors who will receive the Promise scholarship.  

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Nine years ago today, El Dorado, Ark.-based Murphy Oil Corp. announced a surprising corporate move. It would give every child in the town an opportunity to go to college without the burden of tuition.

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Yale School of Management will hold a town hall meeting Thursday in New Haven, Connecticut, to present a case study about communities that offer place-based scholarships, including the El Dorado Promise.

Murphy Oil Corp.’s $50 million college scholarship program pays tuition and fees for graduates of El Dorado High School who go on to an accredited college. The payout is based on the highest tuition and fees at an Arkansas public university. Since it was announced nearly eight years ago, 1,444 students have received the Promise scholarship.

Former President Bill Clinton spoke at El Dorado High School's sixth annual Academic Signing Day. The ceremony recognized El Dorado-based Murphy Oil's $50 million scholarship fund, and more than 300 seniors who will take advantage of the generous tuition scholarship. The scholarship director says over the past five years, the Promise Fund has paid out $8.5 million in tuition costs for nearly 1,000 El Dorado High School graduates.