East Texas

East Texas earthquakes spur further study

May 21, 2012
University of Texas at Austin

Scientists in Texas say they'll take a closer look into why several quakes have struck East Texas this month, centered around the town of Timpson.

Texas Forestry Association

East Texas landowners want to know what to do about dying trees. Forestry consultants say mills are still taking salvaged wood, but at a deeply discounted rate.

South Dakota Tar Sands Pipelines / Kent Moeckly

East Texans are reacting to President Obama's rejection of the Keystone XL pipeline. David Daniel of Winnsboro, Texas, says TransCanada may now hone in on building one section from Cushing, Okla., to Port Arthur, Texas.

Jacksonville Daily Progress / Maydelle Country Wines

The severe drought could mean more than sour grapes for growers in Rusk, Texas. Community correspondent Dan Maxwell talks with winemakers whose core costs are rising sharply.