Compressed Natural Gas


Mon January 14, 2013

CNG truck supply shows up on Shreveport dealer lots

Hebert's Town and Country dealer manager Beau Hebert is now stocking Dodge Ram trucks with a factory-made CNG fueling option.
Credit Kate Archer Kent

A Shreveport car dealership is now stocking a Dodge Ram Hemi crew-cab truck that runs on compressed natural gas or CNG. It’s the first truck in the United States that comes with a factory-made CNG option, an $11,000 add-on.

Hebert's Town and Country manager Beau Hebert has three of these trucks on his lot, and he’s ordered 10 more. With 11 fueling stations now in Louisiana, he’s betting on a much higher demand for CNG, especially among people who haul stuff as part of their job.

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