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My love affair with Red River Radio began in San Augustine, when Shreveport station KDAQ first went on the air in 1984. I was first exposed to National Public Radio while briefly attending graduate school at the University of Missouri, and then transferring to UT-Austin, where KUT became my constant listening companion. So I was overjoyed when KDAQ — the flagship of the network now known as Red River Radio — went on the air.

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Airs Thursday. April 28, at 7:45 a.m. Dr. Cheryl White takes us into the story behind The Taylor Town Bell Tower

Commentator Gary Joiner has this profile of the youngest noncommissioned officer in Army history who was a national hero by the time he was 12. 

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Baseball season has begun. Birds are chirping, pollen falling, and all is right with the world. Well, mainly.

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Airs Thursday. April 21, at 7:45 a.m. Dr. Cheryl White takes us into the story behind the legend of Bloody Mary.