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Sun August 24, 2014
Intelligence Squared U.S. Debates

Intelligence Squared U.S. - There is a constitutional right to unlimited political spending

Airs Sunday, August 24 at 6 p.m. For democracy to work, some say, citizens (and corporations, and unions, and media outlets, and other voluntary organizations) must be allowed to spend as much money as they wish to express their views on the issues, candidates, and elections of the day. But others take the view that if everyone can spend as much money as they like to express their political views, then some voices will be amplified while others will be all but drowned out.

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Sun August 17, 2014
Intelligence Squared U.S. Debates

Intelligence Squared US: Millennials Don't Stand A Chance

Airs Sunday, August 17 at 6 p.m.  C—growing up with revolutionary technology and entering adulthood in a time of recession—have recently been much maligned. Are their critics right? Is this generation uniquely coddled, narcissistic, and lazy? Or have we let conventional wisdom blind us to their openness to change and innovation, and optimism in the face of uncertainty, which, in any generation, are qualities to be admired?

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Sun August 10, 2014
Louisiana Public Square

Louisiana Public Square: Defining “Dangerous”

Airs Sunday, August 10 at 6 p.m. The California killings committed by Eliot Rodger in May have renewed the debate over how and whether to require people with serious mental illness to receive psychiatric care. How does Louisiana determine if someone is a danger to themselves or others? How difficult is it to intervene if an afflicted individual refuses treatment? Are prisons adequately prepared to handle mentally ill offenders? What services exist in the state for persons with mental health issues and have funding cuts reduced their availability? Louisiana Public Square looks for answers to these questions and more on Defining “Dangerous.”

Our panelists are:
• William “Beau” Clark, M.D., Coroner, East Baton Rouge Parish
• Rochelle Head-Dunham, M.D., Office of Behavioral Health, La. Dept. of Health & Hospitals
• Michael S. Blue, M.D., Forensic Psychiatrist, Tulane University
• Sheriff Michael Waguespack, Assumption Parish; President of the Louisiana Sheriff’s Association

The program also includes interviews with Nick Richard, Executive Director of the St. Tammany Parish Chapter of the National Alliance for Mental Illness; Bill O’Quin, the father of a young man suffering with paranoid schizophrenia who died while in prison; Kevin Robshaw, Director of Louisiana Mental Health Advocacy Services, and Tracey Moseley, an individual in recovery.
Beth Courtney, LPB CEO, and Charlie Whinham, LPB news anchor, moderate the discussion.

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Sat August 9, 2014
LA Opera

The LA Opera On The Air: Mozart's The Magic Flute

Tamino (Lawrence Brownlee)
LA Opera

Airs Saturday, August 9 at 12 noon. Mozart's delightful world filled with magic and melody will be presented this week on the LA Opera with Janai Brugger in the role of Pamina, Lawrence Brownlee as Tamino, and Erika Miklósa as the Queen of the Night. This performance also features Evan Boyer as Sarastro, Rodion Pogossov as Papageno and Amanda Woodbury as Papagena. James Conlon lead the LA Opera Orchstra and Chorus for this performance.


Mon August 4, 2014
Newport Jazz Festival

Newport Jazz Festival: Brian Blade & The Fellowship Band

Brian Blade

Airs Monday, August 4 at 8 p.m. One of the drawbacks to being one of the world's best (and most versatile) drummers is that you stay incredibly busy. Too busy, sometimes, to focus on creating your own projects rather than servicing those of others. Luckily, the spotlight has returned in recent years to , who has released his first album as a guitar-playing singer-songwriter (this year's spiritually-tinged Mama Rosa) and has been touring with his beloved, long-standing Fellowship Band.

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