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Courtesy: Crater of Diamonds State Park

DIAMOND FOUND IN ARKANSAS PARK-  Arkansas’  Crater of  Diamonds State  Park near  Murfreesboro announced a  recent large diamond find from a  visitor. Park Interpretor  Waymon Cox said a young woman from Tulsa, OK found the 2.65 carat raw diamond in about 10 minutes after entering the park.  The Arkansas Crater of Diamonds State Park is located on Ark. Highway 301 near Murfreesboro.

Courtesy: JP Morrell

ITEP AMENDMENT FAILS IN LA. SENATE - The practice of reducing property taxes to attract businesses to locate and continue operations in Louisiana is pretty much understood as a "Carrot on a stick" measure.  The concept is to help create jobs and contribute to the state's economy.  But many parish governments  have found through the years that such tax breaks hurt things like local school districts and infrastructure.   Sen. J.P.