Special Programs: Upcoming Community and Cultural Programs

Red River Radio offers a wide variety of programming, from classical, jazz and blues to news, public affairs, entertainment and information programming. We will also present specials for various holidays, cultural events, and documentaries on important issues of the day. Bookmark this page for information about these various specials. This page will be updated weekly. If an item you heard was removed and you'd like more information contact Bill Beckett at wbeckett@lsus.edu


  Here is what is coming up on Red River Radio.

  The following is a list of past specials you may have heard.

Press Image / LSU Shreveport

Dr. Gary Joiner takes us through the concept and relationship of sacred soil with the souls who live on it.

History Matters is made possible in part by the Louisiana Endowment for the Humanities and LouisianaCultural Vistas Magazine.   


Airs Monday, February 13, 2017, at 9 p.m. All Things Considered's Audi Cornish guest hosts this week’s Jazz Night in America episode. The tables turn as JNIA host Christian McBride -- Grammy Award winning bassist and composer -- talks about and performs his suite, The Movement Revisited, inspired by the words of Rosa Parks, Malcolm X, Muhammad Ali and Martin Luther King, Jr. The performance was captured live at the Kimmel Center in Philadelphia, McBride's hometown.

Courtesy: Aaron Street, SAU

PREVENTING FOOD DESERTS - Southern Arkansas University's Agriculture Department has developed a community garden where anyone can come and grow their own produce.  The program begins its second year this spring and was an outgrowth of a plant sciences program to give students an experiential learning component to the degree program.  Extra acreage was set aside for a community outreach and has received a $25,000 WalMart foundation grant to purchase equipment to help maintain the garden. For more information, contact Dr. Jeff Miller, SAU Agriculture Department at (870)-235-4350.

Airs Sunday, February 12, at 6 p.m. This program consists of unique stories narrated by Keegan-Michael Key and Roxane Gay:NASA Human Computers During World War II, a labor shortage obliged the military to hire African American women with mathematical skills to help make complicated computations for warplane designs. This small team faced discrimination, but would help NASA astronauts land on the moon.  Million Man March: The Million Man March of 1995 is remembered in a conversation between a young woman and her father, who attended it.