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Courtesy: LPB

TOPS FOR ADULTS? - If you’re a Louisiana parent of a college-bound high school grad, then you probably know about TOPS… the Taylor Opportunity Program for Students, the state's popular, merit-based college scholarship program.  TOPS pays college tuition for families from all income levels and will benefit more than 51,000 students this academic year. But Adults wanting to go back to school to earn a degree or certification aren’t eligible for TOPS tuition.

Courtesy: LSH Health Shreveport-Office of Sponsored Programs / Tech Transfer

TECH ENTREPRENEURS - Starting a business from scratch can be a challenging process,  especially if it's a high-tech business trying to sell a product or service that is charting into unknown territory.  Well there's a free 10-week seminar series that begins today in Shreveport where the focus is on Science-based entrepreneurism.  It's  hosted by LSU Health Shreveport's Office of Sponsored Programs and Technology Transfer.  The seminar called: "The Business of Science" will take place at the former Christus Schumpert Hospital at 915 Margaret Place in

Courtesy-S. Williams

FOOD-BORNE ILLNESS - Fresh fruits and vegetables make up a healthy diet but if not prepared properly,  they can make you sick and even be deadly.  Shakera  Williams  of Shreveport is a public health information student and will  present a Fruit and Vegetable Safety Program  takes  place later today at Shreve  Memorial  Library’s  Atkins Branch at 3704 Greenwood Road.  Shakera's presentation focuses on food safety and how we can  prevent food-borne illness at home.