The Caravan

Friday Nights at 9:00 p.m.

The Caravan is a Weekly program featuring a very diverse selection of music and hosted by Bill Beckett. Each week you'll hear selections from across the globe in mosaic designed to carry you along effortlessly. The program will feature a broad mix in hour one with certain recurring themes such as Blues at the Bottom, From The Edge, A Return to the Vinyl Frontier, and Flashback.

Hour two will feature live concert material gathers from around the country and world, from locally produced concert recorded in our new studios to concert we record at venues around our listening region. We will also have concert from South by Southwest (SXSW), the Newport Folk Festival and other festivals, in studio interviews-performances, as well as a healthy dose of archive material that Bill has collected over the years from his own recording projects for Public Radio. In addition, live CD material will be featured as well. 

Hour three is simply called be quiet and play the music. This hour is designed as a 52:00 minute segment of music withe no breaks. A listening experience that will be quite unique. Underneath the music is a sort of hidden theme that only Bill knows and he's not telly, so you can approach the hour and let it affect you in your own unique way. Bill will return near the end to let you know what you've heard and close out with one final song.

Tune in Friday at 9:00 p.m. for a new and very unique listening experience. Bill has a vast library of music and a deep love of all genre's from Indian Raga's and Delta Blues to Classical, Jazz, Folk, Rock, Alternative, and World and more. We hope you enjoy the experience and discover new music each week as well as hear familiar favorite and when we launch our in studio concert portion of the program you may even have the opportunity to be in the audience. seating is limited and we'll let you know before each concert how to find a seat.

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