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Each week Gary offers a variety of observations and personal experience in a highly engaging commentary from East Texas. Join us for Borderline with Gary Borders in his new time slot, Fridays at 7:45 a.m.

Our family finally decided to cut the cord, or in our case the satellite dish. The vote was unanimous. Since signing up for Netflix and Amazon Prime, we stream 95 percent of all the television we watch.

I took a break from working on a magazine story recently to peruse a packet just received from the American Association of Retired Persons. Yup, I relented and joined AARP. For $16 a year, I figure the discounts will more than pay the price.

Gary Borders

I woke even earlier than usual each morning during our visit to Boston, our favorite summer destination. The time difference was the culprit. My body thought it was 6 a.m., my usual time to rise. So I was out the door of the Beacon Hill apartment we rented by 5:30. My wife and daughter never stirred. They slept under portable fans to drown out the street noise. It felt like sleeping in a wind tunnel but worked. Our heads were at curb-level in this basement abode in a five-story brownstone. It was strange to look out the windows and see people’s ankles as they walked by.

Gary Borders

There are magical times when one gets to witness a small piece of history being made. They are rare but stick with you. At Boston’s Fenway Park, built in 1912 and one of my favorite places in the world, I watched the Red Sox clinch a tie for the pennant in 1967, beating the Minnesota Twins. They won the next game as well to make it to the World Series for the first time since 1946, but they lost to the Cardinals in seven games. They lost again in the 1975 and 1986 World Series.

Gary Borders

“I want an old beat-up farm truck,” my wife said wistfully on more than one occasion. She had specific requirements. Nothing completely restored and shiny. A four-on-the-floor stick shift. I started looking last summer. Once I did a u-turn to snap a cell phone photo of a 1968 Ford partially restored and nearly flawless. It was deemed too expensive. And too shiny.