University of Louisiana System Raises College Grad Goals

Oct 10, 2017

Jim Henderson, President - University of Louisiana System addresses the Baton Rouge Press Club, Monday, October 9, 2017.
Credit Courtesy: LPB

MORE COLLEGE GRADS DESIRED-  The University of Louisiana System’s President Jim Henderson told the Baton Rouge Press Club yesterday that the system has raised the goal to produce more college graduates. He explained that Lawmakers want state higher education to run things more like a business and offer a bigger return on its investment. Louisiana colleges and universities are dependent on state-funded tuition programs like TOPS but adults are ineligible for such assistance.  And with tuition and fees steadily climbing, many adults have been priced out of getting a college degree.  Henderson said offering discounted tuition for adults for off-peak hours is one idea.  But also added that the UL System doesn’t  have  the authority  to  decrease  tuition costs.